Saturday, April 23, 2011

Keeping Busy

Today our house seems to be 
of Easter Candy!!

I swear,
every year,
that I will not buy any Easter candy...

but then I am standing there
with my biggest enemy...

the Reese's Peanut Butter Egg!!

And somehow,
not only does the crazy egg
jump in my cart,
but so does a whole lot
of other candy!

My hubby loves it,
he loves candy,
and can eat it and not gain weight.
He sucks, I know :)!!!

So, this morning,
my whole fam was over at 
my sister's house next door
and I realized it was the perfect
opportunity to steal
myself one of them eggs!! 

No one would know!!

I didn't do it!!
I found the will power to stop myself...
something I have lacked much of my life!!

I think I deserve a gold star for that!

i kept myself busy!

I learned how to make some really simple skirts
for my girls.
The same awesome friend
who taught we about interval running
also taught me about these 
cute skirts.
We had a quick phone conversation,
i jutted off to the local 
fabric store
and came home for some 
down-home sewing.

Really is a great way to 
keep your hands out of the cookie jar...

You really can't sew with 
cookie crumbs or such food residue 
on your hands :)!!

Here are my creations!!

Cute, huh!!

I was super happy with how they turned out 
and even more super happy 
that I stayed away from 
those oh-so-wonderful
Peanut Butter Eggs!!!

Happy Easter!!

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