Friday, January 8, 2016

Best Grocery Shopping Experience Ever!!!!

Let me just start by saying that I have discovered the most fantastic thing
(Thanks to my super awesome sister Allison)

But I am going to preface with the fact that my 
13 year old daughter
has informed me that it is also super lazy!!

What is it you ask?!?!

Online grocery shopping!
This is through the Macey's grocery store,
but I know there are many grocery chains 
that are doing this as well, such as Walmart and Safeway.

You basically go online
enter the items that you want to buy
and schedule a time to pick up your order.

There is a minimum order of $30
And it costs $1.99 extra, no matter the size of the order.
The employees are not allowed to 
Accept tips, we asked.

Reasons why you should try this!

#1 - I saved way more than $1.99
in junk that I didn't impulse buy!

#2 - I bought exactly what I needed and nothing more. 
I sat at the computer with my menu that I had 
planned for the next week,
and only ordered my needed food items. 
(Here are the printable I use to make my menus)

#3 - My kids weren't even part of the processs so they 
couldn't beg me for things that I shouldn't buy.
I love my daughter Aeryn, but she is the worst
at talking me into extra stuff.  
I probably spend an extra $50 when she comes shopping with me!

The process is so easy.
Go the grocery website.
Set up an account.
Then you use the search bar and type what foods
you are looking for.

Add it to your cart.
Purchase and pick up.
I don't know the cost to have it delivered.

Our Maceys' has a parking spot that you pull up to.
You text them your confirmation number 
and then they bring it to your car.

Making New Year's Resolutions to be healthy
can start getting difficult right about now. 
Your will power might be waining!
Don't let it!
Order just the healthy foods that you need via
your online shopping!

If the food isn't in your house,
you are less likely to eat it!

$1.99 is totally worth it
When helping to reach your goals!


leeandpam said...

How do they do fresh vegetables? Do you ask for x lbs of tomatoes?

Mandy Jensen said...

You can also add digital coupons on your perks card and they will be deducted from the amount when you checkout online! I love it, I pulled up the ad, the coupons and the shopping app. I had everything in one place and saved money and time!

Carly Peterson said...

leeandpam- somethings were by weight, like the broccoli, but the tomatoes were by number! I wanted 2 tomatoes and 2 avocados. I worried if the quality of produce would be ok. It was super fantastic! Just what I would have picked.

Carly Peterson said...

Mandy- that is so great! I didn't even think about coupons! I am going to add that next time.

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